Awkward gear shifting in my Honda Accord

My question is does anyone know if cold and warm weathers affect the smoothness of gear shifts in low speeds? in Hondas?

I recently purchased an '06 Honda Accord coupe, auto transmission, and after about two weeks of driving, I started noticing that the gear shifting in lower speeds was more prolonged and hesistant/jerky in cold temperatures than warm. I went to the dealership and they said the car just had a ‘stiff’ shift, nothing to worry about, but my other car had more smoother gear transition at low speeds. I did transmission service where they replace a few quarts of trans fluid, but still the same thing.

Our 97 Accord does this when the vehicle is cold, but once it warms up, it shifts fine, even in cold weather.

If you used anything other than Honda ATF, you will have shift problems.