Awesome discontinued cars

Not a bad list but the Saab and Acura??? Come on, there were better that are no more.
Can you think of any?

Better than the NSX? Such as?

Saab, on the other hand…

Manufacturers stop making cars when people stop buying them or they cost more to make than they can sell them for…

Ford has introduced a spiffy new Ranger, but they don’t sell it in the U.S. market because it would pull sales away from the high-profit F-150…

How about the BMW 635csi of the 1980s

Personally, I think that was an elegant and sleek looking car that has stood the test of time

There are very few cars that make me look. The 635i is on that list.

Personally, I like the SAAB 900 series cars. They were pretty popular and to use an old phrase; they’re more fun than a box of crazed monkeys. Naturally aspirated, automatics excluded of course.

The most practical thing on that list is the Ford Ranger.

I would love to have a new full-sized two door SUV. My old Bronco was an incredibly versatile vehicle, aside from the relatively poor fuel economy, and brakes that were average at best, it really didn’t have that many shortcomings, it was well built, and cheap to repair and maintain, the front seats were great, it had plenty of storage space, it handled better than you’d expect it to, the turning circle was very tight, the ride wasn’t bad, it was great in the snow and off-road, and on-road it was fine as well.

If Ford made a 2 door SUV based on the Super Duty trucks, I’d be the first one in line.

BMW 850ci looked real sharp.
The NSX is gonna make a comeback here shortly, so they’re getting 1 of their wishlist cars back.

The 83-88 Toyota Tercel 4WD wagon. It had a true locking differential (no AWD junk) and an extra low gear in 4WD that made it a quite capable in low traction conditions. It could have used another inch of ground clearance and some more horse power, but it got 29 mpg in real world use.

The high roof line and extra length gave over 6’ of sleeping room in the back with the back seat down.

There was a prototype of the car that the headrest folded back, the front seat laid flat to the back seat and the back seat back laid backwards to a flat position as well forming a nice flat bed for two people to sleep/camp in. To bad they never produced that one.

Of the cars I have owned, I’d pick two – my 1972 BMW 3.0 CSi and my 1972 Datsun 510.

The CSi was (and still is) the most beautiful coupe BMW ever made. The 510 was my “poor man’s 2002.” The is still a market for an affordable four cylinder, four door sedan, RWD with a manual transmission.


I seem to remember that the 4x4 Tercel wagons had severe rust problems

A real VW Scirocco…not the “new” one…but with the modern drivetrain…the 2.0Turbo and 6 or 7 spd manual. Love my 80 Callaway Turbo 2.0…

Celica Supra was a fav

Supra’s coming back, as might the Scirocco. I really liked my '79:

Well, people who know me on here from over the years will not at all be surprised that my first votes for cars to bring back go to the CRX and the MR2.

I’d also like to see the RX-7 make a comeback (much better car than the 8). And the Prelude.

…The Typhoon was fun. Let’s bring that back. :wink:

A new ‘MR2’ size car (smaller than the FR-S BR-Z) is also in the works.

I’d guess it’s more likely we’ll see a new Supra before a new MR2. . . Which is just fine by me. Supra makes my list easily.

db4690, yes the 4WD Tercel wagons did, at least the ones so;d in the rust belt. Most other cars sold in the rust belt from the 80’s and earlier also rusted out. Many were sold in the upper mid west because they were so competent in deep snow, but the salt used there took its toll. Many were also sold in Canada, the Pacific North West and California and those cars are relatively rust free and are commanding some pretty high prices these days.

It’s not just the Ford Ranger that has been dropped, it’s trucks like a Ford Ranger that don’t seem to be available anymore. Pickups have morphed into these huge luxury behemoths with carpet and fabric upholstery. Exactly what a rancher or oil field roughneck wearing muddy boots needs.

Being an old fuddy duddy, a Camry Solara convertible.