AWD Vehicle for Tall Guy

We love our two Subarus (Outback & Legacy) but my 6’2" long legged husband is in agony on long drives. Now that we commute from NJ to MA every weekend we need something with longer and higher seats for better leg support. I checked out the Buick Enclave today but the seats are even shorter than our Outback. Any suggestions from guys with long legs?

Both my 92 Explorer and 06 Escape hybrid seem big enough but the Escape is much more ergonomically adaptable in both torso height and leg length.
Vehicle shopping is way too personal for the printed word to match your needs and ( as advised here many times before ) you will really need to shop ; in person ; multiple brands; and with the specific criteria a deal breaker.

If you love your Subaurs perhaps you should look at a Subaru Tribeca. It may have the additional head and leg room you need, in a familiar Subaru package.

If I understand correctly, the main problem is that Hubby’s femur is long enough that the seat bottom does not provide support. Is that correct?

You might look at the Audi Quattro if you want a car. There are a number of SUVs that might fit the bill. Unfortunately, I don’t think that anyone lists seat length in their car data. Find a really large dealer with lots of brands or a “car mall” with lots of dealers and spend the afternoon sitting in as many as you can. Be up front with the salesman. He probably doesn’t have anything better to to than spend the afternoon with you anyway.

I’d assume the Escape or Armada would be best.

CX-7, Escape, Tribeca, Sport Trac/Explorer, Forester. Check anything and everything for best results as each person is different. Even a Mini Cooper has good leg room.