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AWD Tire Replacement

I have a 2005 Pacifica, AWD, and it needs new tires. All 4 need to be replaced, but 2 are more critical than the others. I’ve heard that I’m supposed to replace all 4 due to the AWD. Is this true? How long can I squeak by with 2 new? 4 new tires are not in the budget right now.

When you say 2 more tires aren’t in the budget, you should ask yourself if a new transfer case in the budget, about $1500 for a used one installed.

You need FOUR new tires. F-O-U-R. If a normal maintenance item like new tires isn’t “in the budget”, park it until it is.

You may enjoy saving some money right now by buying only two tires, but when you have to spend…perhaps $2k…to repair the AWD system a month or so later, you will wish that you had spent the money for four tires.

Get out that credit card, do some price comparisons, and buy four tires!