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AVG Fuel Consumption; Automatic Or Manual

What are the advantages of setting AVG Fuel Consumption to Manual in Mitsubishi Outlander?

What is the best for fuel consumption…AVG Auto or Manual?

You might want to open up the owners manual to get the full explanation of this. This is a display of your average MPG only. Auto resets when you turn the ignition off and manual keeps on averaging until you re set it.

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The very best is pen and paper. But the MPG display is adequate for me.

Not sure what it is you are asking . Those readouts have nothing to do with your fuel mileage . Your driving pattern and type of driving does that . As Steve says read about the display in your manual.


Yes. It auto reset when I turn the ignition off. My question is … using avg auto or avg manual while driving …which one is the best for fuel consumption?

The MPG display has no affect on fuel consumption, it is just two different ways to monitor the fuel economy.

Your driving technique will determine the fuel economy.

Ok. Understood.