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what get better gas mileage manual or automatic.

In the olden days, manual. Today automatics are much improved and sometimes get better mpg than a manual in the same model car. I still prefer manual trans, but not because of mpg anymore.

If you are interested in a particular make & model, find all the information on gas mileage over here:

And if you examine many models you will find that the difference in fuel usage between manual and automatic versions of the same car is only about 1 mpg.

It depends.  It depends on the environment (lots of hills or long flat roads?  Most important would be your driving style.

In the end there was a big difference when my father bought a 1960 Corvair.  The manual was OK but the powerglide (two speed automatic) was poor.  

Your driving technique will make a bigger difference than the transmission type in most modern cars.

Over all i would have to say Automatics get better mileage but Im sticking with the good ol Manual. I feel like they are more dependable

At speeds below torque converter lockup the manual is more efficient.

This would be city driving?