Avalon shakes during acceleration

This started pretty recently and i am hoping is won’t cost too much to fix. If I drive the car for about 10 - 20 minutes it doesn’t have a problem but past that it will start to shake during acceleration. I took the car to fire stone and was told that the axles and struts had gone bad and have replaced the axles. The problem is still there and i don’t want to put too much money into the car if I might have to do some major repairs. The car has nearly 170,000 miles to date.

Need more info. Does it only shake during acceleration and only after the car warms up? Hot, cold, rainy days? Tires age and wear? Plugs and wires if it has wires? Tranny service ? Does it happen at certain speeds? Does it happen during idle with the air on? What year and what engine? Don’t go to Firestone? Find good independent in Mechanics Files link above or dealer. Usually an independent is cheaper.

“Don’t go to Firestone.”

I just had to echo that comment. I always recommend a good independent mechanic and they are usually cheaper.

I would at least ask Firestone what they intend to do since you still have the same problem at their expense .

Does the check-engine light come on when the car is shaking?

I am leaning towards a missfire under load. When was the last time you replaced your spark plugs? It can also be a coil starting to fail does your check engine light come on?

I was thinking temp sensor since it runs poorly after it’s warm.

I have to check the ignition system since i am not sure when that was changed. @missileman @knfenimore i only went to firestone to get an alignment since my mechanic has no alignment machine and i have lifetime alignment for the car. @“VOLVO V70” firestone had said the axles were bad- confirmed by my mechanic (boot was torn open)- also said the struts were bad. no check engine light yet though. Trans flush was recommended and done are around 111,000 miles. the car shakes around 30-40 mph.

Does it shake when you coast or only when on the gas?

@knfenimore when on the gas

Next time you drive it shift the gears manually and see if it changes.

“I would at least ask Firestone what they intend to do since you still have the same problem at their expense.”


If Firestone claimed that replacing the axles would resolve the issue, but that didn’t resolve it, I think that they need to either refund your money or give you a better diagnosis coupled with deeply-discounted repair costs for a repair that actually works.

one mechanic told me is is the rear caliper sticking which i hope it is. another guy said that it is the axle coming loose from the transmission and slipping

did the brakes and that resolved the issue caused by a sticking caliper
need to get spark plugs done which also contributed to the shake

I had a similar problem with my 1982 Ford Granada. A motor mount was bad causing the engine to vibrate against the steering rack during a hard acceleration.

Let us know if plugs and wires take care of it?