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Avalon longevity

I have a 2003 Toyota Avalon SLS. I really like the car and it has been practically maintenance free other than oil changes, etc. I have 105,000 miles on it and am wondering how many reliable miles I can expect from my Avalon. I will continue to drive about 20,000 per year.

You should be able to double the current mileage, and probably more, with proper maintenance and care. Follow the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual.

My fathers is just a few years older than yours and he has 250,000 on it and running strong.

I am hoping for your sake that the “etc.” includes all of the service procedures specified in the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Otherwise, your car could have very limited life potential.

On the other hand, if you are doing at least all of the procedures mentioned in that maintenance schedule, you can look forward to doubling your current mileage. And, if you are being really scrupulous about maintenance, you can look forward to a virtually unlimited life span for the car.

Good question. You know the answer, if you maintain it and drive it normally and have decent luck for a while. Its a combo of those factors.

You are probably just as likely to have it stolen or have an accident as to have a serious mechanical problem. Park in well-lit places and drive carefully.

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Shortly after 9/11 I went to look at a new 2002 Sienna. On the wall of the dealer’s office was a clipping, which claimed a man had a Corolla which ran 800,000 miles without motor overhaul.

What I wanted to know what his maintenance plan!

Still, that should give you an idea.

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Don’t worry about it. Nobody knows. Drive it happily until the problems start. When? Again, no one knows. Just enjoy it for the many more miles you should have.

Yes, I follow all the manufacturer recommendations and have all the service done at the Toyota dealer - the dealer is reputable and has a good service dept.

The Avalon is a bigger Camry. These vehicles have a great reputation for being very reliable. Just keep the maintenance up and it should last a long long time. I suggest you find a good local mechanic you trust for your maintenance (or do it yourself). This will save you a LOT of money over taking it to the dealer for PM. Wife bought a ES-350 last year. We expect to keep this at LEAST 10 years (about 250k miles).

Toyota vehicle averages about 206K miles but the Camry and Avalon are the cream of the crop. My Avalon is 22 years old and has 320K miles and still going fairly strong. I’ve only just started to hear a low grinding engine noise at low rpm but once I passed 4,000 rpm it is smooth sailing. To be fair, I’ve had to spend almost $5,000 at 140K miles over a handful of problems but after that it’s been impeccable. I have a very short commute now, just 6 miles round trip per day so I am quite confident with my Avalon and will drive it until it die on me.

I had a 2003 XLS, and sold it. I have a newer Avalon. It’s a nice car too, but I think it was a bad choice in terms of wasting money. One thing, if you haven’t done it, I would have your timing belt done soon.
I’m betting your car would go 200k, maybe even 300k if you were really proactive on maintanence.