Was pondering a purchase of the OBD II scanner “AutoTap” but wanted to get a few opinions as this piece of equipment is a little pricey…

I just bought a CAN OBDII code reader from Harbor Freight for 50 bucks. It came with a CD program that you can install on your computer to translate code numbers. It has a code erase feature too. Code translations need more elaborate defining but you can use the Internet for that. CAN OBDII is the latest version. Without CAN, you have a prior version.

[b]I’ve been using the AUTOTAP OBDII scanner for all vehicles for years.

This is not a code reader. It’s a full-blown OBDII scanner. So, if you want to be able to do real-time diagnostics on your vehicle, just like the dealer, this is the scanner to have.


Good advice… Thanks