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Autonomous cars and unintended consequences

A long but very interesting take on the unintended consequences of Autonomous automobiles. Rather than ask people how they’d use them, they tested how people would use them… to surprising results.

The Utopian view is that traffic would decrease… Seems that was wrong. Very wrong

It seems like people are taking advantage of the situation presented; business as usual. I wonder if the guy that used the chauffeur to commute to work would have done that if he had to pay for it. Eventually, those that use AVs will pay per use if they are for-hire vehicles, or will buy them and pay other user fees. The inefficiency aspect is more of a personality thing to me. If I used an AV, I would plan trips as I do now.

Yes, that was in the latter part of the article. An Uber-like system rather than a personal ownership model. Or the tax per mile with a empty surcharge with Big Brother monitoring all travel.

If you already own the car, most people don’t consider a per mile operating cost except gasoline. Wear and tear doesn’t seem to enter the equation until the mechanic hands them a bill for tires and brakes.

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