Automotive "Hints from Heloise"

The topic “Who among us is the cheapest” got me thinking on a thread that deals with auto hisnts that save money and are quick and effective. Hpusewives have used this type of thing for years.

Check tire pressure every other week on Saturday or Sunday morning when the tires are cold. Add (or remove) air as required to keep them inflated to the pressure on the auto manufacturer’s label. This saves money by providing even tire wear and increasing fuel mileage.

Don’t drive an open sports car with your mouth open.


Everyone should have an old garage sale chisel…knock off rust bubbles (carefully tap, with small hammer) right when you see them, and remove as much loose rust that you can. If it’s dry put tape around and paint zinc oxide (rust destroyer/converter) or Por 15( hard to sand) until you get the paint color. we often put it off till we have time or all the stuff to work with…but rust never sleeps,as Neil can concur.

“Don’t drive an open sports car with your mouth open.”

I never found that to be a problem.

Don’t ride a motorcycle with your mouth open. But if you do, it won’t take long to learn why you shouldn’t. Or do as I did: wear a full coverage helmet.

Agree with not riding a motorcycle with mouth open and no helmet; I ended up swallowing a bee that way!

When drivers from warm areas come here in foul weather they always wonder how to clean their headlights short of going to a service station. We show them by grabbing a handful of clean snow and just rubbing away the dirt. Make sure you wear gloves.

I’m also reminded of a famous WWII photo where GIs heated their cold food on the muffler of a Sherman tank.

My dad got three bees up the nose once. That was trail riding in the woods - but either way…

" I ended up swallowing a bee that way!"

Small bugs like flies or even gnats have an unpleasant sting when they hit the back of your throat. They make an unsightly addition to your “grill” if you smile too much, too. There are so many good reasons to wear a full coverage helmet.