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Automotive Body Design & Development and New Materials Application Seminar

Automotive Body Design & Development and New Materials Application Seminar

Time: April 22-23.2009 Venue: XXX Hotel, Pudong Shanghai(Pending)


Shanghai Youshi Business Consulting Co., Ltd.

Chinese Automotive Conference Network


Ka Ting Advantage Exhibition Service Center


CH Auto Technology Corporation Ltd.


Magna Steyr Automotive Technologies (Shanghai) Ltd.

TJ INNOVA Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd

Shanghai Launch Technical Automotive Center

HIdea Automotive Design Company

Assystem Automotive Engineering Co., Ltd

With the rapid increase of Chinese auto in the global automotive industry, Rational procurement instead of the brand-oriented procurement in China. Performance assessment for automotive products be strengthened, The requirements for vehicle design and structure be matured, Which create opportunities and developing space for Chinese own-brand survival. How to enhance the overall level of vehicle R & D? How to strengthen the perfect combination of the lighten structure and safety factors for vehicle? It need all automotive designers effort and great support.

Shanghai Youshi Business Consulting Co., Ltd. As a famous platform in the automotive industry to build a professional conferences and communication channel, take the responsibility and obligation to provide valuable communication and learning opportunities for those involved automotive body design and materials development in the serious economic crisis situation.

This event is to be held during an auto show, We believe that it will be successful because there are the large number of domestic professional attendees during show period, Expect for your warm-hearted participation.

Guests (Subject to change)

Jin Sun Professor, Vice Director , Shanghai Jiao Tong University Auto Body Design and Manufacturing, Technology Institute / Shanghai Digital Auto Body Engineering Key Laboratory

Speech: Quality control in the manufacturing process of auto body

Lei Yu Cheng Chairman, TJ INNOVA Engineering & Technology Co.,Ltd

Speech: Precise design for auto body and quality control

Maik Shubert General Engineer, Body and Trim dept, Magna Steyr China

Speech: Trends for body design and future technology

Jason Zhu Project leader of sheet metal, Magna Steyr China

Speech: Sheet Metal Technology for auto body

Fu Yu-sheng Body and exterior trim director, Technology Center of Shanghai Automotive Group Co., Ltd.

Speech: Auto body innovative design and the requirement for materials

Yale Zhang Director - Greater China of CSM Worldwide (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

Speech: China’s passenger car market forecast and development

Shen Jian Dong Body and exterior trim director, Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center

Qi Guojun International Auto Body Expert


April 22

AM: Auto Body Seminar

PM: Automotive R & D leaders Round-Table Conference

Evening: Cocktail party

April 23 Visit Shanghai International Automotive Show


1) The small-scale exhibition will be held on-site.

Lecturers can be enjoy freely show their products and samples at the striking places;

Other enterprises will be charged RMB1,000 per booth;

Any standard booths charge: RMB4,800 / 9M2.

2) RMB1,500 / 15 minutes speech(conference fees will be charged separately)

3) RMB1,500 per participant, Which will include conference documents and lunch and banquet

4) Register and pay off deadline: March 28.2009.

Please write down your detail information (Company address, Zip code, Telephone number etc??) and send to us by fax for our convenience to post you?Conference Guideline?on time.

Bank Information:

Account name: Shanghai Youshi Business Consulting Co., Ltd

Bank Name: The first branch bank in the East Nanjing Road, China Industry and Commercial Bank

Account No: 1001234609006822670


Tel: 021-33518744, 33518742

Fax: 021-62904313

Cell phone: 13801949747

Contact: Mr. Deng


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Will the “new materials” be of the same low quality as the materials currently used in Chinese-made products?

Unfortunately, the deaths of people and pets from defective food and drug products, and the premature failures of electrical and mechanical products–all of which were made in China–can be traced to the use of cheap or incorrect ingredients/components/alloys in these products.

Until manufacturers in China learn to stop cheating and killing their customers through the use of improper materials in their products, Chinese-made products will continue to have the aura of being badly made and a poor value for the money.

Ouch !!! I sure hope speaking the truth doesn’t cause an international incident…

What I want to know is will there be a open bar?

Oh yeah, there will be an open bar.
Just be sure to have everything that they are serving analyzed for contamination before you drink it!

Sorry, Youshi, but you’re going to have to build your marketing database the old fashioned way.

Nice try, though.