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2009 Automotive Interior & Exterior Decoration Products and New Materials Application Seminar

2009 Automotive Interior & Exterior Decoration Products and New Materials Application Seminar


Date: Jun.5-6.2009 Add: Wu Hu, An Hui Province

Also hold: Automotive Interior & Exterior Decoration Products and Materials Show




Interior & Exterior Decoration Technical Committee, Chery Automobile Co., Ltd

Shanghai Youshi Business Consulting Co., Ltd

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Along with the more higher of Chinese auto position in the world, Chinese consumable market had been changed into more wisdom from the original trend to automotive brand, This change will strengthen the integrated ability of automotive products and make automotive sculpt and structure and engineering requirement more mature, Which will create more opportunity and developing space for self-brand of China.

Detail decide the success or failure. How to let the interior & exterior decoration not only be an element but also be your sales lighten point and product lighten point, This is our facing problem in automobile industry. We will stalk about the interior & exterior decoration R&D and manufacture and its related topics, For example the refinement of decoration, athletics design, dynamics analysis for damper and so on, They will have a great effect on the quality of elements and the development of module and application of new materials, Maybe you can find some solution or idea through our this conference.

In order to enhance the communication and corporation with oversea interior & exterior decoration design and developing technique, We set up this platform. The first day will be conference day, Topic communication will be in three areas which will include the whole vehicle and R & D companies and components manufacturers with our guests together. The second day will be communication and visit. In our former event, There are more than one hundred twenty experts and attendees who come from Volkswagen, Pan Asia, Hui Zhong, Chery, Magna Steyr, TJ Innova, Zhong-Ou International, Yangman, WANDA, Chery, Changan, Longchuang, AOJ Auto, MOLB Creation, Zhongyu Automobile, Venture interior, Nissan, Henkel, China national petroleum Corp, Jiuda, Geely, Sungallon, Pret, Haier, Creaform, Metris UK limited, Skoito, Nylex, Idemitsu, Mecaplast, Honeywell, Juner, Gui Lin DAEWOO, Baihe and so on, Sure you can get more than your expectation!!!

Conference Charge (Registration deadline: May.19.2009)

A. Registration Fee: RMB1,800 per head, Including conference materials & lunch & tea break & visit, RMB1,500 per head if you payoff before Jan.31.2009.

B. Free visit ?Automotive Interior & Exterior Decoration Products and Materials Show?,

Show charges will be:

RMB2,500/4M2 (display table);

RMB4,800/6 M2 (Professional setup);

RMB5,800/9 M2 (Professional setup);


Automotive bumper, chair, panel Assembly, steering wheel and its jacket, dynamo, mould and plastic module, inside cover (door interior decoration, top interior decoration, column interior decoration, side interior decoration etc?), Polyammonia ester materials, normal materials (plastic ABS, modified PP, leather, flock, foam, glass steel, engineering plastic, composite materials etc?), special materials, interior & exterior design solution(clay model, data model and model mold sample), automotive carpet (fast foot), sunproof and decoration, hub cover, carbody decoration, fur veins, process (injection molding, slush, vacuum suction plastic, blow molding, PU foam, compressing heat, envelop, spray, plating, weld etc?), interior decoration security and green developing technique, tester, decoration color, volatile treatment technique, gasoline tank, rapid prototypes making technique, orientation and fasteners system and other involved systems.

Forecast 200-300 professional representatives will join in us!

Please fill the below attached?Register Form?and send to us with your detail information for our post the invitation on time.

Bank information:

Company Name: Shanghai Youshi Business Consulting Co., Ltd

Account Number: 1001234609006822670

Bank Name: The first branch bank in the East Nanjing Road, China Industry and Commercial Bank

Shanghai YouShi Business Consulting Co., Ltd was founded in 2001, We are a modern and professional service company who worked on organizing seminar, forum, games and talent recruiting and other kinds of international conference in automotive field. Our activities concerns with automotive design, R & D, manufacture, HR, procurement, sales, maintenance, service and other related departments. There are more than 120,000 attendees from almost all famous brand automobile companies or groups to join in our activities. Now, We owned about eight hundred team memberships and two hundred sixty thousand database related with automotive industry. We can support to create and expand your value anytime.

We expect your participation! As a professional conference with high-value technique and plenty sources, More guests and professional speech are being invited now. Welcome your join in us and give us any advice or commends! You will enjoy this wonderful event with us together!

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