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Automatisk gearbox problems. Revs up when it's going to changs up gears


automatic gearbox problems. Revs up when it’s going to changs up gears. If i releases the gas it switches up THE gear. Problem started with 5 gear .
Audi a6 Qcatro.

You have transmission problems , just that simple . Find an independent shop not some national chain.

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Yes, I know that.
I wonder if someone has the same problem.
and if it’s oil. machine. sensor. or electronic.
I Can fixe. but want more information becomes easier if you have a clue.

I have no idea what that means. It really does not matter if anyone else has the problem . You have it and if you can’t repair the transmission then you will have to decide if the shop is giving you a good solution .

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Thank you for referring to a workshop i would Never thught about that.
but I want suggestions for the cause of the phenomenon.
so please do not answer if you have no idea what it may be.

No one on the internet has any idea of what it may be. You haven’t nor can you give enough information to determine the cause. If anyone pinpoints the problem, they will likely be wrong.

The car needs to be diagnosed by actually reading any error codes, dropping the transmission pan and investigating the problem. Good Luck