Automatic wipers


Can anyone tell me how the automatic setting on windshield wipers senses when to speed up?


Vehicle speed?


You can do a lot of things with a computer. I don’t know how it does it but there could be a little camera on the dashboard or some kind of sensor. Infrawet?


It’s definitely not speed. Traveling at a steady speed they go on more often as the rain gets harder.


Camera???..Way to complicated to implement…

It’s either a little inferred sensor…or just a sensor that senses water. They have water sensors already that sense the water content on your lawn.


If you look on the back of your rear view mirror, you’ll find an infra-red sensor pointing at the windshield. This sensor is able to detect the amount of rain drops that hit the windshield. So the more rain drops it sees, the faster the wipers sweep the windshield.



There goes my continuous doppler radar satellite linkup theory. :smiley: