Automatic Van Door almost closes, then opens again

Our 2005 Toyota Sienna was in an accident a year ago, where we replaced one of the automatic doors. It worked fine all this time, but as of yesterday, it almost closes, stops at the last second, then opens again. There’s nothing in the doorway jamming it and nothing in the latches that we can see. In fact, if we lean on it at the last second, it does click shut after a second. Does this sound like an electrical thing, or maybe a certain part we can look into cheaply?
(I’m a low-to-medium-level DIY-er - I love to research but when I get in front of a vehicle, I basically need a picture book.)

Toyota extended the warranty for 9 years/120,000 to help people fix this problem.Yours is out of warranty. It is a known problem that involves replacing the rear sliding Door latch Assemblies and the power sliding door cable.This is not a job for a doityourselfer.