Automatic tran Part 2: CVT

To those with experience, I ask: do you think any car with a CVT is good for 300K miles? I watched a YouTube video on the disassembly of a CVT. While they seem straightforward in concept, in reality they looked quite complex, and possibly not any easier to repair than a 6-speed auto.

No direct experience, but from what I’ve read on here, if it’s a Nissan CVT, then no way in hell. That said, we haven’t seen the number of problems from other CVTs that we have with Nissan’s. I’ve never owned one (and only driven a few vehicles with them in test drives), but if I did, I’d probably be extremely picky and have the dealership change the fluid every 30k miles.


In my world, which is likely very different from yours, no daily driver will be reliable after 100,000 miles. To expect 300,000 from one is unrealistic, in my opinion. That goes for all the components of the car, engine, any type of transmission, final drive, etc.

To be clear, when I am thinking about the 300,000 mile target, I am not thinking about much stop-and-go driving. Of course, I also would not get a manual if that was my prime driving. But since I put 277,000 on an 1983 Accord which finally died from rust, it would seem like 40 years later, 300,000 is a reasonable target.