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Automatic honking and low-pitch but squeaky-sound-type wheel

So I heard some low-pitch but still the squeaky-type noise under the wheel when I turn it while driving/parking.

In addition, once in a while, while driving the car, it will automatically honk on the street. Very embarrassed.

I sense the car may need some check-up for its electric system. But what shall I do at this moment? Thank you very much!

Makes me curious as to whether a coin could be dropped between the back edge of the airbag and the steering wheel causing the horn to honk. The low pitched squeak could be something as simple as the steering wheel rubbing on the column cover.

sure it is the under the wheel and not in the engine bay? a slippery/squealing P/S belt could be at fault. Is it anytime you turn, only when you turn full lock, or only when you turn while stopped?

NO NO and NO…What you are hearing is the Horn connection that is under your steering wheel…it used to only control the horn, but can get more complex as cars get more features on the wheel…but lets keep it simple and say you have only the horn…

If you were to remove your steering wheel you would see a round copper contact ring…on this ring and in the steering wheel is a sort of rounded pin like slider…which slides around on this contact patch…when you press your horn button it completes the connection and blows your horn…those sliders can erode or get messed up and when they do they sometime break off and will complete the circuit themselves…beeping your horn and making a screetching scratching sound when you move your wheel

You need to pull your steering wheel off and check it out…

Thank you ALL very much! Pete, I think you and HB have the similar opinion.

So, HB, can I do the wheel-checking myself? I mean I am not that confident. Or, you can recommend a good Youtube video to watch on this topic?

And, Realbinky, the squeaky noise comes no matter it is a full turn or not. It is there whenever I turn the wheel. This did not happen before. So I guess something may need to be replaced?

f you were to remove your steering wheel you would see a round copper contact ring…on this ring called a clockspring as I recall