Auto X Prize

Just saw this article about one of the cars built for the Auto X Prize competition. Last month I read the book mentioned in the article, and this car and its builders feature largely in the book. It’s a short but entertaining read, and I recommend it. The guys (and gal) who built this car did it on a shoestring with little prior knowledge and did remarkably well. Too bad nothing much came of the competition.

I haven’t read the book, but the car seems pretty impressive

Unfortunately, because the competition was held a few years ago, and this car wasn’t the winner, I can’t imagine there is much interest in investing in a vehicle which was eliminated

Kind of sad, actually

I don’t quite understand how the car met any kind of safety standards, because the steering wheel didn’t have an airbag. I though those have been required for some time now

This car has somewhat adequate range, and it doesn’t seem to have any kind of ICE to “help” it out, so this appears to be a REAL EV, unlike the Chevy Volt

Looks like a Citroen.

PBS’s Nova did a story related to the X-prize. It was about a bunch of at risk high school kids that entered into the competition. They did not win either, but just by participating in the project, it transformed their lives in a positive way, so I guess it really was a win for them.

I dont think airbags are really necessary(some will disagree those things can be really scary,when everybody looks like Casper and has fouled britches-better safe then dead I suppose) its hardly a newer idea,Marvel comics had full encompassing air bag system in Nick Furys special car,think it was in the 60’s-Kevin