Auto trans on 2007 Hummer H3 SLIPS IN FIRST

Two weeks after I bought it the dealer rebuilt the trans. Now it slip in first, but not all the time. I can tell when it’s going to slip as soon as I start it; the engine will race. Dealer wont touch it unless I can leave it a week.

Well, outside of manufacturer’s warranty coverage and possible coverage under your state’s Lemon Law, I really don’t think that you have any options, and you need to work with the dealership on at least the warranty coverage. I’m not sure what you are looking for at this point, other than empathy, as the factory warranty does require that the dealership perform the necessary diagnostic protocols prior to any repair work, and replacing or rebuilding the transmission does take time also.

However, if your vehicle’s transmission problems have caused it to be out of service for the requisite number of days under your state’s Lemon Law, you might already qualify for a settlement under the Lemon Law. If you don’t yet qualify for a Lemon Law settlement, having the dealership keep the vehicle for a week will add to the number of “out of service days”, and this could actually help you with a Lemon Law claim.

All you can do is to play along with the dealership at this point and as soon as you qualify for a settlement under the Lemon Law, then you should file your claim with GM. Look at the bright side–this could be your chance to get a vehicle with a better reliability record, as well as better gas mileage. (Hint: That would be most other vehicles currently being sold in this country)