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I have 2001 Toyota Solara with only 20,000 miles. Today the tech at Firestone Auto Care recommended I get a fuel system service (using “EK-10T EVER-WEAR FUEL SYSTEM CLEANER”). My car runs great. I use STP gas treatment & Gumout carb/choke cleaner every so often. Is the ‘fuel system service’ just a gimmick to get $100 more out of me? Should I continue using the STP & GUMOUT?

You don’t need any of the stuff you are offered; you are already overdoing it by putting STP and Gumout in your tank.

Yes, it’s a gimmick for people who scare easily and are gullable. Today’s gasolines already have a lot of detergent in them, so you don’t really need the stuff you are puting in yourself.

This is done as a last resort when there’s a problem with dirty fuel injectors before replacing them. If there’s no drivabilty issue with the vehicle, there’s no logical reason to have this serviced performed.


Would you feel comfortable stopping the use of the STP and Gumout? If using the product gives you peace of mind perhaps it is worth it. Or are you asking if there is a technical reason to use those products?

Yes the fuel system treatment from Firestone was a gimmick (to state it polietly)

Gasoline has fuel system detergents in it by federal law. Under normal circumstances no other fuel system cleaning is required. Save your money. The “service” you were offered is a profit generator.

It’s not necessary and they know it’s not. The question now is whether they will actually do the service or just operate the cash register. You won’t be able to tell and I wouldn’t either. Neither will the boss of the joint. Don’t hire the plumber to buy some diamonds for you. Take tire advice from tire places. Even that policy doesn’t always work. I could tell you how to invest and you would be broke in no time.

This treatment is often recommended to prevent you from developing excess deposits in your bank account.

Don’t do it. Find a new shop.

Don’t give them your money. In fact don’t bother with that stuff you are putting in your gas. All you should need is already in the gas. It is required to be there by law.

While services peformed by Firestone will not hurt your car they mostly hurt your wallet. Find a trusty independent to change your oil or brakes initially to see if the relationship can work for you. Firestone and other chains real agenda is making as much money as possible doing “extra” services with variable effect(never really bad) on your vehicle life.