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Auto repair gone bad! help!

April 7th I went in for smoking out of exhaust tail pipe.
The shop owner tell me that it’s my head gasket. Did not perform any diagnosis but look under hood of car and asked my to turn on my engine.

Upon stating it was the gasket he asks what was my budget. And states he is willing to work with my budget. I explained to him that this was unexpected and a reasonable price is best suitable He then tells me my car would be in his shop for 3 days for repair I agreed to. Well when day 3 nears no hear so I decide to contact he tell me my car shld be ready by that following Thurs which wld be day 5.

April 12 Day 5 I recieve a text from the shop owner stating my car was fixed and ready charging me $980. I told him that I have 700 and would contact him when I have the other money. I contacted him a day or two later to make payment and he quoted me a different price for $1200 leaving me in a bond to come up with the other portion.
I asked why did the price go up he says bc he changed the radiator. Now this is all after he tell me my car is fixed. Red flag

I went back to his shop on April 18 to get everything in writing bc the first day he only tell me sign a work order with no detail description in it. Once I arrived I didn’t see my car I asked where was my car he told me that he have a storage where he transport cars that’s done to a different storage for space. Red flag I didn’t know how to go about to handle it.
He writes the order tell me to sign it but bi cld not recieve it until I paid the whole bill red flag

I leave frustrated knowing that something is very fishy but didn’t know what to do about it.

I then recieved a message from him a week or two later that he tried to contact me but couldn’t which is a lie and he will be putting a mechanics lien on my vehicle I contacted him right after letting him know that I will surely be there to get my vehicle by the end of that day. He tell me as long as I can make it there before his shop closes he will stop the paper work.

Once I arrive he took the $1000 cash payment but wld not take the $200 from my card stating he only take cash. Doing all I cld to get the money from my card but cld not I left frustrated just knowing what the guy is doing is unjustly. He tells me since I did make a payment it secured my car from the mechanic lien. I told him I wint get paid until May 15th and will be there to pay the $200
Two days later I recieve another text from this guy asking about the $200 payment I reassured him once again that I will be coming by the following Monday May the 15th to pay off rest of the bill. He said it was fine.

May 15th I get there he said he was shocked to see me and that it wld be a moment before he cld get to me. 2-3 hours later I asks him what’s going on and he asks me to step outside to speak to him “customers were in the waiting area” and he didn’t want to be exposed. We walk over to my car my car hood is semi open. I tell him he said it is. I proceeded to ask him for my old parts and receipts of purchases for my parts. He tell me in an anger intimidating tone that he will add $1500 to my bill if ask him for such things. Then tell me to come back the next day. I asked why he says bc the mechanic has to tighten a few bolts etc. Red flag. Remember when he stated my vehicle was fixed and ready to go? I get there the next day May 16th I waited again practically the whole day again while they work on my car.
I get my car and my car stalls on startup. The now oil pressure light is now on that was never there before. Car idles on its on in traffic now it just shuts off on me in traffic I have contacted the shop owner on every instance he won’t cooperate.

That’s when you should have left !!! Get legal advice…from a real lawyer who doesn’t ask what your budget is.

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