Auto Registration Fees

Yes, I usually do two years, last year I got expiration stickers for 2023.

Im not paying, so im not interested in the breakdown. They already pay 10% sales tax, so its just an expensive place to live. Starter townhomes are over $1.3 million.

Its either a 2021 or 2022 Acura MDX.

The registration renewal for my 1990 Honda Elite scooter in California was $142 for a year. A 2002 Miata is about $160. We don’t pay an additional property tax, but sales tax is 10.25% in my city. Smog testing is $30 to $50 every two years, but not required on scooters. No safety inspections. I don’t know what the fee is to renew the registration on my wife’s 2016 CR-V, she pays the bills on that.

There are not many places that have lower sales tax .

Lots of places have lower sales taxes. Most, actually. My state is 6% and my county adds 1% on top of that.

But we have no state personal income tax, property taxes are low and stay that way as long as you stay in your home.

In Virginia, our registration fees are relatively cheap (judging from the responses by other members…)

But we do have a Highway use tax, our newer cars, a 2019 Toyota and the 2020 Honda are considered fuel-efficient vehicles. The Toyota is rated at 36-MPG and has an add-on Highway Use Fee of $37.24, plus the standard Registration Fee of $30.75, for a total of $69.99.

The 2020 Honda is rated at 33-MPG and has an add-on Highway Use Fee of $30.13, plus the standard Registration Fee of $30.75, for a total of $60.88… These MPGs ratings are the manufacturer’s figures.

The wife’s precious 1985 Toyota Corolla is “grandfathered” (not sure what year is the cutoff…) but it still gets over 30-MPG and it costs $30.75. My 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel in not considered a fuel-efficient vehicle (who would have guessed?). Its registration fee is $35.75.

It’s around 70/yr here in Olympia for my Forester, living in the City of Olympia I pay a surcharge on top of the state/county fees. Would be quite a lot more living in the parts of King/Pierce counties that charge the excise tax. When mom bought her new Prius in Tacoma back in 2009 she was charged the Tacoma registration fee and was refunded the excess when the car was registered, a little over $200 more than Thurston County.

Not counting if you have a EV or hybrid then there’s the surcharge that kicks in when you renew the registration. Dad gripes every time they renew the tabs on the Prius because they’re paying the same fee for driving as little as 5,000mi/yr that someone driving much more pays the exact same charge.

Its 6% here in nj, but we have a fairly hefty state income tax, and real estate taxes are onerous, like $10,000 per year on a house worth $300,000.

… but for retired people it is essentially a non-issue because Social Security has never been subject to the state’s income tax, and a few years ago pension income was exempted from the state’s income tax. While it varies a bit from year to year–based on my income from interest and dividends–my NJ income tax liability has always been in the range of $50-85 per year, ever since pension income was exempted.

You still pay personal property taxes on vehicles don’t you?

Yep, VA still has the personal properties tax. Damnit.

NH’s registration fees is something like $50. However, we have an excise tax each year that’s based on the value of the vehicle (which is determined by the DMV).

You’d pay about $3000 a year in most places in Florida for that value. And increases are limited if you stay in the home plus you get a homestead exemption worth $50K.

That’s about half of real-estate taxes in NH. But we don’t have a sales tax or income tax. Depending on what town you live in in NY…taxes on a $300,000 home in some places is close to $20,000. Two towns over it’s under $10,000.

10+ years ago NH instituted a State Real-estate Tax to help offset the burden of some towns hefty taxes. There are receiver towns and doner towns. Some vacation towns in NH that people on live there in the summer and thus no school system. Schools can account for 70% of a towns budget. Some of these towns have these 3000+ sq/ft homes that are valued at $2M+ and their real-estate tax was $2000/yr.

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My home is assessed at a hair over $500k, and my annual property tax–before the state rebate–is ~$10k. After the rebate, it’s about $8,500.

NJ has the Senior Freeze, (for those whose income is… let’s just say… modest), and that keeps their property taxes from ever increasing after they are approved.

For Honorably Discharged Disabled Veterans, the property tax in NJ is zero–if you know enough to apply for it. And, when the veteran dies, that zero property tax status is passed along to his/her spouse for the duration of their life.

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Florida hits snowbirds harder than full time residents. They don’t get the $50K discount. That helps pay for our schools which are county wide rather than each city. I like that…the funding is more equitable that way.

No , no personal property taxes in NJ.

The supposedly high-tax state of NJ lacks many of the… stealth… taxes imposed by other states.

This article doesn’t consider New Jersey’s total taxes “supposedly” high, it ranks them 3rd highest in the US.

The taxes may explain why NJ ranks highest in residents leaving for other places.

Lots of folks with Nuw Joisey accents moving to Florida if my ear is any judge.