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Auto ownership costs

Ok, I’ll reply here. Mainly because I can’t get back to sleep. How is buying a new car cheaper in the long run than buying an older used car? Let’s take my truck for example. A 2005 extended cab 4wd. I bought it with 137k miles for $5500. A comparable truck new could be had for maybe $35k. Even if I have to replace the motor and transmission, I’m not going to get close to $35k. Tag, insurance, etc aside, as those would all be higher on the new truck. As a matter of fact, I could probably do a major repair on the old truck for the cost of the sales tax on the new truck.

Now I think you could be correct, assuming you drive the new truck (or car) for 250k plus miles versus buying and repairing multiple used vehicles in that same 250k plus mile period. Which is why we bought my wife’s suv new and plan to keep it at least 200k miles. But that’s not what most people do, I don’t think.

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SY John, I totally agree with you. I’ve bought new, nearly new, and used, many times. The used are absolutely cheaper, waaay cheaper, regardless of how long I run them (it’s a looong time).

Besides, until they find an alternative to road salt up north, it makes no sense to spend tens of thousands of dollars to feed a new car to the Salt Monster… breaks my heart, really.

Just imagine how long I can keep a used car going now that I’m out of there for salt season. The used car market here in FL is very exciting!

I will say that being somewhat car savvy and maintenance/repair savvy makes used car options more viable.

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