Authorised agency and its Preset conditions & Procedure for ascertaining Mileage of a Car in India

I would like to know in detail about the Auto Industry / Government accredited central agency authorised to set Conditions and Procedure norms for ascertaining the Mileage per litre of fuel of a car and its control over ensuring adherance to these conditions by Industry players. Is this agency taking out these tests across the board by itsef for all players or only monitoring and authenticating them. This querry is being forwarded to clear out some gray areas. Please help.

Are you asking about laws in India or in the US?

With the exception of a Brit or two, and perhaps a Canadian, most of us here are U.S. residents. You might wantt to touch base with the certifying/authenticating agencies in India to ask the question.

I agree with mountainbike. Just be aware that the “driver” influences fuel economy as well as tire pressure, load in the vehicle, road terrain and even the wind. It’s something that’s not chiseled in stone for each vehicle.

Fuel mileage ratings here are mostly just a “ball-park idea” of what mileage to expect…

Just so you know - in the US there is a test that has to be performed. It is performed by the vehicle manufacturer and he is responmsible for the accuracy of the results. The Feds - in the case the Environmental Protection Agency - monitor the results, test sample vehicles for accuracy and compliance to the regulations.

There are severe penalties for non-compliance.