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Testing of performance parts on cars by manufacturer?

How do the companies who make performance parts test it on cars?

One such company has a car of 25yrs of age - the mile displayed on the car is very low - records show higher mileage than that and this company bought it used. One logical explanation is that the current mileage is 999,999 + mileage on the odometer. With that many miles, what is this car good for? It passed SMOG too.

The car is titled to an employee who is the Director of Mkting for three years.

Do they do road test? Or run it on a machine with wheels rotating?

Depends on the company and depends on the part. Larger companies will do lab testing and limited vehicle tests mostly for function and less for durability.

If “one such” company has ONE car, that car is testing performance not durability. There can’t be any statistical durability worth mentioning from one sample or even 10 samples on a single car.

As for passing smog tests - not that hard but to get a CARB compliance for use in California takes more time and money. 49 state compliance is easier but also expensive. None of these test durability. And the durability of the parts is not an issue for most of them. Catalytic convertors are an exception.

Probably both. As for the mileage discrepancy, it’s probably a clerical error or at some point the disconnected the odometer and now have no idea how many miles are actually on the car.

The reported mileage is twice as what is on the odometer - so logical explanation knowing the biz is adding 999,999 to the mileage.

I am surprised that the car passes smog - where shuld I expect wear assuming it has over million miles?

Odometer miles can be adjusted, especially easy on a 25 year old car. For 50’s/60’s cars, my high school friends would adjust their hot rod’s odometer with a coat hanger, didn’t even need to remove it from the dash… All this is harder to do w/newer cars b/c computers get involved, but any computer is still possible to hack. Remember when that Israeli company hacked the supposedly impossible to hack IPhone? And then there’s always the straightforward Ferris Bueller method. Not saying it’s legal, just saying.

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These guys are selling a car they tested their parts on with faulty Odo: