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Audi TT Power Interruptions

My 2002 Audi TT with 43,000 miles sometimes has intermittent power loss during hard acceleration. It is sometimes one abrupt interruption in power and sometimes more of a stutter that can last a few seconds. There does not appear to be any correlation to fuel level, ambient temp, engine temp, or rpm.

The condition occurs when accelerating to pass or to get up to speed on an on-ramp, etc. It is happening increasingly frequently. Neither the dealer nor Audi has been able to diagnose the issue. They recommend starting with new spark plugs (less than 20k miles on the plugs) and if that doesn’t work, trying the engine controller, etc. until the issue is resolved.

At this point I just want to get it fixed as quickly and inexpensively as possible and sold/traded for a more reliable vehicle. Any ideas?

Just sell it or trade it. Don’t spend money chasing phantoms if you’re planning to get rid of the car.