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Audi TT 1.8T


I have a 2001 Audi TT, every time when I push the gas pedal down the car is shaking(not whole lot). I replaced one of the injection coils but still does the same thing, any thoughts?

Thank you

what is an injection coil? or do you mean ignition coil?

Yes, I am sorry

How long has the Check Engine Light been lit up?

consider checking the ignition coil packet. that may have gone bad, and possibly the wires too.

You replaced the wrong coil .

I’ve been trying to get the check engine light to come on so i can check what the problem is but its just flickering when I floor the gas.
Def the right coil

When the Check Engine Light is flashing (flickering) that is a signel that the Engine Control Module is detecting a consistent miss. The flashing is indicating that you should stop operating the vehicle as damage is being done. A consistent miss will overload and eventually overheat the catalytic converter with burnable mixture. Even though the CEL is not on constantly, there still should be a PXXXX code. The Diagnostic Trouble Code will most likely direct you to the cylinder that is misfiring.

Finding out the cause of the misfire requires diagnostic tests. The problem can be ignition, fuel, compression or event timing related.

Have the ECM scanned for codes and get back to us.

Hope to help.