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Audi slipping in gear


My 2010 Audi A4 just recently started slipping in gear once I hit a certain speed.
Im curious if its the spark plugs, needing a oil change, or even worse.

Spark plugs - No Oil change - No Even worse - Yes

If your RPM’s or increasing and your vehicle speed does not you have a transmission problem . I guess that is what you mean by slipping.


Basically what happens is in first it might lag to get going. its not insane acceleration. and when I am in gear it’ll slip in gear, it doesn’t slip while shifting only when its hitting a higher rpm in the gear.

Is this quattro? Or FWD with a CVT? What you describe has nothing to do with spark plugs and very likely is a transmission problem.

I’d suggest a fluid and filter change in either case but if the CVT has not had its fluid changed regularly, it may be in need of replacement. The car needs a visit to your favorite professsional


As others have said first clarify what you mean by ‘slipping in gear.’ Second, provide more details about your car. If it’s a manual transmission, it could be a slipping clutch.

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As mentioned above, you’re not giving us a clear explanation here, especially because your automotive knowledge appears to be very limited, so we can’t trust the terms you’re using.

For the lag issue, is the engine revving without the car moving as it should? Or is the engine not revving when you press the gas pedal?

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The OP needs to be a LOT more specific in his terminology if we are to deduce exactly what he is trying to describe.

If you have a manual transmission, your clutch is shot and needs replaced.

Sorry about that, I should have went into detail more.

It’s a automatic

And the problem is while im driving in. Let’s just say 3rd gear, it feel good until I give it more gas, once I give it gas it will almost feel like the gears arnt fully gripping. (Basically acceleration)

And it’s always needing oil. Atleast that’s what the car tells me.

Does the engine race when you believe the transmission is slipping? What does the tachometer show?

Quattro or front wheel drive only? Either way, low fluid is a warning you are ignoring at the peril of your transmission.

I think you need to just have this looked at . Always needing oil does not sound good. And you have never answered the question - do the RPM’s increase ( like from 2000 to 3000 ) and the vehicle does not gain speed ?

It sounds like the automatic transmission clutches are slipping. If you feel lucky, could be something as simple as low transmission fluid level. Another possibility is the internal seals are leaking, preventing the high pressure needed to forcefully apply the clutches. So a proper transmission service is where to start. This means on most cars to drop the pan, clean it out, change the trans filter, put it back together, and refill w/Audi’s trans fluid, which will have fresh seal conditioner chemicals. If that helps but not 100%, drive 100 miles and do it again. Still a no-go? Replace or rebuild the transmission.

Common sense says to first take it to a shop for an actual in person inspection and get their assessment. They may suggest to measure the transmission fluid port pressures to get a better idea what’s wrong. And they’ll use their scan tool to check for transmission codes, such as a faulty shift solenoid.