Audi Q5 2009 3.2l v6

I want more power so can anyone link me some budget friendly parts or give suggestions I’m think a cai coil overs new tires
P.s. I need help finding the cold air intake

I see multiple ref flags:

“budget friendly” + “Audi” => red flag!
“more power” + “budget friendly” => same
“cold air intake” is its own can of worms for little benefit

start from explaining why it is not enough power in your current setup and what you want to get and on what budget


I have about 1500 to play with trust me my car is fast I just want a little more power I thought a turbo would be a good choice but they are costly and a pain in the ass to install on my car

What would you put in it

I do not have experience with performance tuning, but reading what other people say, short of turbo, the rest seems to be more of making impression on bystanders than really getting “more power”

maybe somebody else would comment here, but I would not waste money if your budget is that tight


1500 will not get you anything that will make enough difference that you can tell . It is not a performance vehicle anyway . Don’t you think Audi knows what they are doing ? If you really want more power then you need a different vehicle because there are very few after market performance parts for a Q5. And forget about changing the air intake as that is a waste of money.

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So I should go for looks

10 years old - I’d go over it, bring all maintenance up to date, maybe new struts/shocks/tires. Handling wears out over time, you may notice quite an improvement.

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I was gonna suggest the same: for the budget and for the age, it is quite likely that struts are worn out, tires may be just plain old and stiff because rubber hardens over time… and all around only these two items would spend the budget if owner does not cheap out on components