Audi Coils Failing Again - Audi Fails to Reimburse


I have a 2002 Audi A4. You may know that these cars (and some TTs and VWs) had bad ignition coils. My car had to be towed the first time my coils failed (this was the 3rd time my car had to be towed. At some point Audi replaced all 4 coils. There was also a class action lawsuit against Audi and apparently some cars were covered under lemon laws. My car now has 80K and the replaced coils failed again and stranded me. The dealer here in Maryland (Valley Motors) refused to pay anything towards the replacement. I called Audi of America and they talked to the dealer (who twice never called me back) and has refused to cover any of this. I also asked for the zone manager and they refused to give me the contact. I am filing under the MD Attorney Generals office. Does anyone have any other ideas. Thanks


Just out of curiousity, how many miles did this latest set of coils last?


Also curious. How often are you replacing spark plugs and wires?
Misfiring plugs and wires will knock out coils, so go to the cause of the problem; not the symptom.


Fighting is good.

However in the end your vehicle is well out of warranty now. Consider it maintenance in owning an Audi.