2002 audi a4 running rough, ? misfire

It’s a 2002 audi a4 3.0 V6 (non-turbo). Had all 6 coilpacks replaced under warranty, and ever since, it runs rough from start of engine to driving it. No CEL. computer says misfire when hooked up, but it’s random and on different cylinders not in a predictable manor. spark plugs were done about 20k ago. Ran a tank full of carbon buildup eliminator, but no cessation in symptoms. Car is shaking so bad now, I think it is interfering with the synchro when I change the gears. HELP!

turns out it was a bad fly wheel… reason why there is no CEL… dealership wants to replace the flywheel and the cluth, question now is whether or not to drop more than half the value of the car in a repair…

What’s the car worth if you don’t repair it?

What you should do is ask them why the changing of the coil sticks made the flywheel fail.
That just doesn’t sound right to me.

If the engine was running perfectly before the coil sticks were changed, then how would that cause the car to suddenly start running rough?

Doesn’t make sense to me.


I am having this exact same problem in my 03 a4 3.0. Did you ever get it fixed? Was it actually the flywheel? Why did it appear after doing the coilpacks?