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Audi A6 Torque Converter


I have a 03 A6 with 80K miles that has an engine light on. Two mechanics have indicated that the torque converter needs replacement. They have tried to reset the computer but the light returns on. I have been driving with this light on for about 3K miles and there has been no change in engine or transmission performance. This is a $2,300 repair. Otherwise the car is in very good condition. Is there any risk in driving the car and do you think I should spend the money to get this fixed?? I would like to drive this car for another 2-3 years if possible.


Trannys are not my strength, so I’m wandering into unknown woods a bit here, but here goes.

My feeling is that if the TC were malfunctioning you’d either have erratic operation at speeds and/or under load, you’d be slipping, or you’d have a problem idling without stalling. That suggests to me that the sensor itself that’s sending the signal to the Tranny Control Unit (or whatever Audi calls it) is bad.

Have you had this to an independent tranny specialist?

Man, I sure hope Transman stops by. I’m on shaky ground here. But I’m tryin’ to help.