Audi A6 power steering


The steering column of the Audi A6 was restored a few weeks ago due to a reduction in the power steering fluid level and a roar when turning the steering wheel. The power steering fluid ran through the column rubber. The power steering fluid is now gradually decreasing. However, the steering wheel seems to turn a little harder. A quiet roar remained when the steering wheel was turned. When the power steering fluid is filled to the maximum, the steering wheel appears to rotate easier, but when the fluid falls, the display turns slightly harder. What could it be?

You clearly still have a leak. Take it back to the shop that did the repair and have them check it out.

In the future it helps a LOT if you tell us what year car you own, the engine it has and the mileage.

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Audi’s are odd? Hyd fluid is inside steering column? The column is a tube with a rotating shaft that is attached to steering rack. The column is dry. The rack has fluid inside it. There is no way for fluid to travel into column.