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Audi A6 3.0 CVT

I bought a brand new Audi A6 3.0 in 2003. This month and 60,000 miles later, the continuous variable transmission fails, setting me back $6500. Audi dealer and independent transmission guy both agreed I did nothing wrong. I am so nervous when the new one will fail. Any suggestions how to try and get my money from Audi and what I can do to prevent the new one from failing quick? Audi’s is a ‘closed’ transmission that does not need any maintenance.

Subaru tried using a snowmobile transmission in their “Justy” and it didn’t work out for them either.

" I am so nervous when the new one will fail."

Don’t wait until it fails. Move on NOW, as painful as that may be…

Sorry about your misfortune. To me, the term " maintenance free " just mean they have removed the grease fittings, drain plugs, dip sticks or battery caps so you can’t do any maintenance and have to replace things at less than half their useful life.

Contact the Audi area office (look in your owners manual), see what you can get from them. Then move on. Sell it, buy something else. This type of thing is (unfortunately) common with older Audis. And “older” means not very old.