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Audi A4 unprovoked rollover


Here’s a real puzzler: 2009 Audi A4 flips on drivers side while driving 25-30 mph on a straight road slight incline on a sunny day, residential area without influence or provocation. Upon examination of the front right wheel at the body shop it was said that the driver must have run over something, suggesting maybe a tire in the road or something like that wherein the front right wheel locked and the momentum flipped the car on its side. The driver experienced no bump in the road or obstruction that could have caused the car to flip over. The driver crawled out thru an open sunroof that was laying at the street pavement level do you have any ideas on what could have caused this?

What is the age of the driver?? There is a little more to this story that remains untold.

Cars CAN be made to roll over at low speed but it takes some specific driver input to do it…

Well, does the driver admit that he/she ran over a large object in the road?
Like Caddyman, I am sure that there is a lot more to this story than the driver is revealing at this point.

Maybe the driver passed out or had a seizure and doesn’t want to admit it for fear of losing their license.

Is there a pole with a guy wire in the area? Something like that would do the trick at that speed.

Even locking one front wheel would not cause a car to roll onto its side. All it would do would be leave a long, black skid mark from the locked wheel.

There’s information missing from the story. Cars don’t just fall over.

The fact that the right front wheel is damaged and the car rolled onto its left side makes me think the driver hit a curb or snow bank, or drove over something large enough to roll the car. It’s the only thing that makes sense. A close inspection of the scene might reveal some impact marks.

Was there a cell phone being used at the time of the roll-over? That would explain why the driver didn’t notice the impact.