Sudden braking and then rear brakes locked up? Or improper tires? Short roll over crash video

I admit I don’t know all the answers. Some of you will like to quote that! I sudden braking event shouldn’t end like this. Was it all driver error by over correcting with the steering? If so people really do need to practice handling this kind of situation before they go out on the road.

It looks like the truck was just making a left turn and the car was trying to pass.

Cars fault.

At the very start of the video you can see a road to the left the truck was turning on to.

Nothing to do with brakes, Just an idiot car driver trying to pass multiple vehicles.

Based on the view out of the windshield of the car doing the recording, it appears to be a fairly tall vehicle. High center of gravity, more tendency to roll over.

Try to get a 65 Cadillac to roll over like that, it would be much harder.

The truck should not have been turning from the right lane.

The vehicle that dumped onto its side tried a double lane change.

2 maneuvers in a short time span at the roll natural frequency, along with a high center of gravity, too little roll stiffness and roll damping and over she goes. You don’t need the brakes for this.

All exacerbated by the likelihood that this vehicle was a modified SUV, lifted, with extra equipment on the roof and in the rear like the SUV it was following. “Outback ready” as it were.

This is what SUVs did before huge stabilizer bars, wider tracks and much more shock absorber damping was included.

On a two lane road, which lane would you suggest?

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The dump truck was in the right lane trying to make a left down a side road.
he should have been in the left lane to make a left turn.

I never go into wrong way lane to make a left turn. I could only watch the video at normal speed, did not see a left turn lane available.

Looks like it to me.

Was this road two lanes in the same direction or one lane in each direction. If a one way road, the dump truck driver is at fault. If a two way road, the poster is completely at fault.

The poster is to blame for something that occurred in Russa.

The people driving on the wrong side of the solid white line are at fault.


Dump truck driver was in the correct lane, it was a 2 way road, look at the road sign on the left side of the road just past the accident, you see the backside of it, meaning it’s for oncoming traffic to see.


We had a 1964 Cadillac Series 62 hardtop. I liked to drive it like a race car (kids!). I’d take corners at 20 to 25 and the nose would dive so much that it stalled the car. If I was going a little faster, I might have lifted wheels on the other side. Once you lift the wheels, it isn’t too far from a rollover.

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It’s that last sudden left turn that results in the roll over that doesn’t seem right. It’s like the rear wheels lost traction making it turn a lot faster than it should have. He had a clear path in to the grass on the right side if he had just gone straight.

If you look carefully you can see that the SUV gets hit by the truck that it was passing just as it approaches 90 degrees of roll over.

No surprise that a tall Russian SUV was unstable.
No stability control I bet.

My wife witnessed a similar flip when a Bronco II lost control while towing a small trailer.

It’s hard to tell by the vdo, but it appears to me it’s a two-lane road configuration, one lane in each direction. The SUV sort of vehicle was using the left-side lane (intended for vehicles going in the opposite direction) to pass the large truck. The dump truck must have been directly in front of the large truck being passed. Not sure why the dump truck veered to the left, not seeing any road for it to turn left onto.

Indeed it happens in Russia, from the language in audio.
The solid line in the middle of two-way/single-lane road is sure sign of “no passing zone”.
Indeed it is a secondary road on the left, so two SUVs passing truck are both clearly at fault.