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ATF change

I had bought my prius 2010 two years ago with 130k miles on the pedo ,. Today it had got 160 k miles and still on the original ATF . Should I change it ? If yes what is the suitable AT fluid brand for my car .

I don’t know about hybrids but on normal cars every 30K. Use Toyota fluid anyway.

The transmission on your Prius is different than other automatics, so make sure you use the correct ATF as per owner’s manual.
The Priuschat website has a lot of info that you might find useful.

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one my good friend’s son-in-law used to have a Prius of the similar age, which he blatantly refused to maintain in any thing other than simple oil change (to the great dissatisfaction of my friend, maniac about cars)

what is directly relevant to OP’ question: his transmission did not give up up to 180K miles, what actually broke in the end was a timing belt, predictably sending car to junk yard… these Priuses are tough :slight_smile:

anyway, make sure you get current on things like timing belt, coolant, brake fluid!

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