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ATEQ Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Challenges

I live in the snow belt and wanted snow tires I could put on and remove myself. So I bought the tires and sensors and mounted them on dedicated rims.

Problem is, I bought the ATEQ TPMS so I could reset the summer and winter sensors myself.

First unit had bad hardware so the manufacturer replaced it. New unit comes and I can’t get the software to work. Spent a week on the line with different tech support reps and still no joy! Those folks are just clueless!

Is there another product out there that does the same thing? Found out later that the company I purchased the ATEQ TPMS from stopped carrying it due to the large volume of complaints…


Try googling ‘TPMS Tools’. I found this:

Not to sound condescending, but is there a problem with an old-fashioned tire gauge? A good one is around $20, one single gauge works for all tires on multiple cars and trucks, and the instructions are really simple.

is there a problem with an old-fashioned tire gauge?

I don’t know about the OP but I can see some advantage of being alerted if one tyres starts loosing pressure. I generally check my tyre pressure about once a month and before any long trip. (I don’t have the sensors)

I figure there is two possibilities. I could stop checking the pressure if I had that system or maybe it might alert me to a tyre going low sooner than my checking it. I figure in over 40 years of driving there would have been two times I might have been so alerted.

Personally I doubt if I would want that system, there seems to be far too many problems with it, but I know a lot of people who have never checked their tyres, after all the guy at the tyre store checked it. Yea sure. While I have found a local tyre store that does check such things, but most don’t seem to have a pressure gauge.