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AT oil temp shuddering shift on 2003 Forester

We have owned a 2003, 68K, clean Carfax Subaru Forester for about 3 months. About 3 weeks ago the AT oil light flashing about 10 minutes in to a drive – city, highway, doesn’t matter. It also shudders as if it is shifting at the wrong time. It bucks.

It has been to the dealer and could find nothing. Next time, they talked to Subaru tech service, got a code 27. They were just getting ready to drop the transmission when they located a disconnected wire harness and reconnected. Drove away, same problem.

Help! My son needs the car to go to college in about three weeks. Thanks

Perhaps you should try your best local and independent transmission shop (i.e. not a national chain transmission shop).

What exactly did this dealer check? Did they drive it and get it to shudder? Did they measure the actual transmission fluid temp to see if it is over temp? Did they verify that the fluid is passing fully through the radiator to be cooled? Presumably the fluid was checked and it is nice and clean and red and doesn’t smell burned?

P.S. A clean Carfax tells you very little about the condition of a vehicle.