At 2200 RPM, Engine Noise

I have a 95 Acura Integra, manual transmission, with 174,000 miles. A couple of weeks ago the engine started making a noise once the car hit 2200 rpm. The noise continues and increases in pitch the higher the rpm’s go. This happens in every gear, including if the car is in neutral.

There is no engine light that has come on and the car seems to be running fine but this noise is not ordinary.


You’re kidding me right? Is there a sound file that maybe you forgot to post? B/c I can’t hear the noise from here and you never described it.

It could be a loose heat shield or other component of the exhaust system.

I’ve uploaded a file to a YouTube account that demonstrates the noise. At the 14 second mark the engine got over 2200 rpms and you should be able to hear the difference. At the 24 and 37 second marks I stepped on the gas a bit more to demonstrate the difference in pitch with increased rpms.

The engine sounded pretty bad at all rpm to me.

I though all Honda’s sounded like that…

That noise sounds “expensive” to me–not like the noise from a loose heat shield.
I would suggest that you not continue driving it, except directly to a qualified mechanic.

Has this engine always had its oil changed as per Honda’s maintenance schedule?
I ask because the engine sounds like it is self-destructing. Do not ignore this noise any longer.