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Assistance in James Island S.C

I have a 2005 Saturn Ion that when the weather is cold it will not start.Even if I have the ignition on and jump the soleniod to energize the starter to turn over the engine it will not start.I set a lit candle under the steering column to help warm things up,and in a few minutes it will crank. Any suggestions. Thanks,

Tommy, Let’s Talk …

Sorry, it’s taken so long for a response. I wish I had an easy answer.

You mean that you know the engine is getting enough battery power to crank over without a problem, but it just won’t run, correct?

However, something to do with the ignition switch or in the steering wheel / steering column area is keeping the the ignition key / switch from getting the message to the starter when it’s too cold and it won’t even crank, right?

Just the warmth of a candle under the steering wheel/ column for a couple of minutes and you’re good to go, right?

We’ve had other posts like this, even recently.

Do all the dash lights come on with the key?

Do you get a “security” warning, flashing or steady?

Does it do it every time it’s cold or just sometimes?

Tommy, take a look at this recent discussion by clicking this link:

Hey, anybody out there with the solution?

Change the ignition switch. If you don’t want to change the ignition switch (NOT the ignition LOCK), work with us…answer questions, give information.