Aspirin for Battery?

The following items are listed in an article entitled 10 Pain-Free Talking Points for the Aspirin Enthusiast by Bill DeMain in the Jan-Feb 2011 issue of mental_floss magazine (page 20. I had never heard of this before so figured I ought to consult the experts… If someone could verify this, I think perhaps I need to start stocking my car with aspirin… just in case.

“7 The wonder drug doesn’t just cure headaches; it can also revive a dead car battery. Just drop two tablets into the battery, let the salicylic acid combine with the battery’s sulfuric acid, and you’ve got an instant jump!

8 Just make sure you don’t have any salt on your hands. Adding sodium to the aspirin-and-car-battery combo can cause an explosion.”

Truth or fiction?

I heard that one 30 years ago. As I recall, it may help you get your car started, but it may also reduce the battery life. Most likely it will do nothing.

Most of today’s batteries are sealed. You can’t open them up, so even if this were true, it wouldn’t be applicable.

I guess you would cut the aspirin into three parts each to put in the six holes that the battery has. It revives batteries about as well as dancing around and kicking the bumper. The great thing about old cars is that you can do anything you want to them and it’s not as illegal as modifying a new one. There isn’t an aspirin law?

That’s interesting. What modifications to a car are illegal? I don’t mean not street-legal, but actually illegal to do.

It revives batteries about as well as dancing around and kicking the bumper.

That one only works in a Friday the 13th at midnight.

Tampering with, modifying or removing emissions systems parts, ie. removing/bypassing catalytic converter, EGR valve ect… Using any bulbs or fixtures not D.O.T. approved. Removing or modifying safety systems such as air bags, seat belts. Just to name a few.

Ack. Should have remembered the emissions system.

EGR valve. Seems it’s actually legal to disable it. You might want to reread my post above.

So stock cars have airbags? Or do they come from the factory without them?

If I take out my front passenger seat (I’ve seen it done) I’m required to leave the seat belt?

If I put the wrong kind of dome light in my car that’s illegal?

And the big question: where do used catalytic converters come from? Are we buying from criminals?

For “maintenance free batteries” don’t do anything aside from lubing the terminals to prevent corrosion. For batteries that require maintenance, only add water to the prescribed levels, preferrably distilled water.

Once you start adding aspiration to you battery, you might as well add rice to you coolant and sugar to the gas tank.

No aspirin, red wine , Dr.Pepper or anything else will cure a sulfated battery. Once the electrolite is gone it’s gone. Once the plates are sulfated it’s over. Sorry

Did the article in Mental Floss magazine also state that when you are in pain, putting a knife underneath your bed will cut your pain in half? That old wives’ tale has about the same level of validity as the aspirin in the battery suggestion.