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Ask Someone: 2015 Toyota Sienna - Unintended Acceleration

My 2015 Toyota sienna on several times accelerated very fast for a few seconds when first pulling out from a parking space …I took it to my dealer who could find nothing wrong … This unwanted acceleration occurred around 4 or 5 times over a 2 or 3 month period and has not done it recently…I called Toyota company headquarters and they issued a case number and contacted my dealer The dealer asked me bring the car in last week and was in contact with Toyota . The dealer asked me more questions and said to bring the car in today. When I called to set a time to bring the car again to the dealer he stated Toyota closed the case since they could find nothing wrong. The car has not done the accretion for the last two weeks or so . I am not sure what to do next or who to contact. I was willing to leave the car at the dealership however the dealership stated Toyota would not allow a loaner car and since we have only one car which we need for appointments etc. being without a car does not work.

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