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Ask Someone: 2008 Lexus RX 400h - Coincidence?


I have a Lexus 2008 RX 400h that I recently brought into a local shop to inspect purge valve/charcoal canister issues, which will be repaired later in the month.

Last week, I brought the car to a local Lexus dealership to have the brake actuator repaired (they had it for over a week). After leaving the dealership, my car died within a mile. It was towed back and they stated I now have a bad fuel pump/sending line. This was not an issue before the car being at the dealership.

Could wiring have been compromised during repair of my actuator? Or perhaps while looking at my charcoal canister and testing?

Thank you for your help. I already spent $2,300 and now they want over $1000 more.

On a 10 year old car with xxx miles (you don’t say how many) stuff will just break. At random. If the car has over 100,000 miles, it may just be time for a new fuel pump.

It is an auto shop’s nightmare that they will replace a headlight and the engine will lock up as the owner drives away. Well it MUST be the mechanic’s fault, right? Well, no. Stuff does just break on older cars.

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From experience I know a fuel pump can fail with no warning, so probably a coincidence. If you are unhappy with the dealership, consider a second opinion from an independent mechanic. At the very least, a replacement fuel pump would be less expensive at an independent.

Ed B.