ASE testing

Tests and polls are designed by someone to reach a particular audience with some projected result. Like Bar exams . . . medical exams . . . realtor exams . . . CPA exams . . . presidential polls and the like. Some of the Doc’s my wife works with I wouldn’t let them have the television remote. Some Lawyers I know have never seen the inside of a courtroom . . . need I comment on the last series of Presidential polls? Many of the Prof’s I work with have never worked in business yet they “teach” students about business. Tests and polls, IMO, have a directed objective and may/may not be an effective tools to determine the ability of a particular person in a particular job. Rocketman

Sorry . . I posted this as a response to “ASE Composite Vehicle”. Guess I can’t pretend to be a computer expert, huh? Rocketman

Are you also against people recieving training? I posted the “composite vehicle” description to see how others rated it as as training tool and it got twisted a bit into a post reguarding the value of ASE certification.

I taught myself the GM Tech 1 and 2. It supports areas other than driveability and the things I mainly used it for (BCM related issues,ABS related issues,Security System related issues) were pretty easy to self teach in as long as you had basic AC/DC and Digital electronics training.

Driveability is a different arena and I have found that prepping for the ASE tests through their guides to be very effective and I found the concept of creating this “composite vehicle” for training purposes a creative way to present the technical aspects of OBD2 diagnostics, resolving emmision failures and driveability issues.

Nope . . just re-read my post. I am merely stating that testing and polling are directed by the folks who make the test. And I didn’t criticize your composite vehicle nor your testing, since you didn’t raise a question I simply pointed out that many times testing and polling devices are self-directed toward and end . . . maybe even a better mechanic or student, as you are (trying?) to imply, I suppose. Rocketman

I fell very strongly that training and testing makes a better mechanic. Some types of training are better than others. My Community College program has a 3 credit hour 'engine performance" class I took it so I feel I can rate it. The knowledge I gained from prepping with the ASE test material was much more relevant and much more detailed. They really need to improve that class. I spoke with the Dean about the issue,my input was not appreciated. His answer was that the College expects the student to continue his training himself.

When I do find material that is well done (like the ASE L1 Advanced Engine performance material) I like to just give a “heads up” that its out there.