ASE "Composite Vehicle"

In order to train and test mechanics in engine controls a ASE panel of experts have come up with a “composite vehicle” (it doesn’t exist it’s is just on paper)I wanted to list some aspects of how these experts equipped this vehicle.

1. V-6 sequential fire, chain driven four overhead cams, 24 valves distributorless ignition,coil over ignition with a mass airflow sensor.

2.No idle relearn after component replacement or dead battery

3.No starter disable by anti-theft system

4.Drive by wire throttle.

5.Electric throttle position

6.Variable position EGR

7.Engine misfire detection by CKP (remember the post yesterday?)

8.Brake pedal switch input (for TCC release

9.Thermostat position monitoring

10.PC based interface software

This composite vehicle is used for the ASE L1 Advanced engine performance test. Some may not believe in the value of ASE’s but they hit a home run on this one.

There are many more aspects to this vehicle but I am sure my audience is limited in size,many of our readers don’t have any idea what these things are,so I kept this realitivly short.