Army Jeeps

I’m looking to buy an old World War 2 army jeep that’s in fair condition. I want a little bit of work to do on it so I can feel like it’s truly mine and I’m trying to keep the price under $5000 so price is more important than condition as long as it’ll run. If anybody knows someone, or knows a website, or is even looking to sell please contact me. My email adress is

Good luck! My brother is into military vehicles. And if you want an MJ that’s in fair condition from that era, you’re probably gonna have to double that offer.


You are referring to the Willys Jeep. The engine originally was called MacArthur engine. Later they had a better one called M38. Much later, there was the Eisenhower engine & I believe was the predecessor of what we now know as overhead cam engine because it had the valve cover instead of the cylinder head bolted to the engine block. After the war, they came out with the CJ, MJ, & other models.