Arizona Emissions Testing

How stringent is the AZ emissions inspections compared to NY ? Have a 12 year old car with over 100K miles. Live in NY and not too sure about this.

Check it out here:

You have to take the test if you live in the metro Phoenix or Tucson areas. Page down to the Technical section and click on “IM147 Emission Standards” for the pass/fail criteria.

If it passes in one place it will pass in another. It only fails if there’s something wrong with it.

There are a couple websites that offer some good common sense low cost ideas on ways to increase your chances of passing emissions testing – independent of the specific state requirements. Google “How to pass an emissions test” and you’ll see them.

I would imagine if you have to spend a lot of time “prepping” your car to pass an emissions test, it’s not in prime condition anymore . . .

Few cars fail the Arizona “test”…