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Arguably "Detroit's Coolest Creation." . . . Hey Dude, Is That Jay Leno?

The year: 1964

The car: From somewhere in the future.

Turn up the volume on your speakers before you run the video that goes with today’s Detroit News article.



What do you think ? I’d love to drive it ! I saw these cars running on Woodward Avenue back in 64.

P. S. You can search for and download the Operator’s Manual for this vehicle.

I would have to argue that it’s not Detroit’s best look. I saw it at a car show back in the mid-sixties. I thought it was ugly then and it still is. The AMC Pacer might have been uglier. My all time favorite is the 1938 Buick Y Job. It brought automotive styling into the modern world.

Never seen one run but I have seen them since I was young. There is a Chrysler Turbine car at the National Museum of Transportation in a suburb of St Louis, MO.

As the article stated, Chr loaned them to families for 3 months. This car may be ugly but its still cool. Maybe it was the idea or aesthetics, I cannot put my finger on it but cars in general are cool for things like this. On the flip side Ford Fairmont, Chevy Lumina, cars like that give metal a bad name. BORING